Breakout Sessions


What does your brand say about who you are?  If your brand is tired, then maybe it’s time for change.

Al Force * Location: F-116 * Friday Only 10:15 AM

Ask yourself…what does my brand say about who I am?  If you have never considered looking at your brand, then maybe it’s time for change. Your brand, communicates more than “a look,” it communicates who you are. It’s the heart and passion behind the brand that motivates people! We took several ministries that had grown old, and the brand was tired. We relaunched each of them with a fresh look, and fresh vision! We are constantly looking at better ways to communicate and present ourselves as a church. First impressions make all the difference in first time guests becoming regular attenders. Remember, changing a brand or a look simply for change sake is not real change, it’s real confusing!  Change is not easy, but it can be done! When you understand the why behind change, it makes it that much easier to embrace the change!  If you come to this session, my goal is to stretch your understanding and willingness to embrace real change!

Promotion and Advertising Strategies

Ben King * Location: F-107 * Friday Only 10:15 AM

You’ve got everything planned! Food prepped, kids blow up slide ordered, corn hole ready, and chairs out. Now, do we know people will show up? You’ve put a ton of effort into planning this event, now let’s make sure people know about it! Print, social media, eblast, advertising are some of the tools we will go over.

You Are More Than Enough

Regina Whitt * Location: P-3 * Friday Only 10:15 AM

Do you let your past or what others think of you determine who you are and what you do? Are you ready to be all that Christ has called you to be? Are you tired of pleasing others instead of what you feel God has called you to do? Are you ready to flex your Spiritual muscles and let God take you ABOVE AND BEYOND where you are comfortable and into a place where you are depending on Him? It is a daily struggle as we try to be all that He wants us to be. Let’s join together and encourage each other in this area.


Legacy, A Study of Seeds and Mantles

Wes Bartel * Location: P-1 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Every person desires to leave a lasting legacy for the coming generations. This workshop addresses the Biblical view of the word “Legacy” and it gives practical suggestions to Senior Adults as to how we can effectively accomplish that goal in our lives. It will provide a Biblical base for a re-engagement of Senior Adults in the life of the Church.

Strong Enough to Last

David Boyd * Location: F-103 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Highlights from the brand new book’ “Strong Enough to Last”, learn methods to helping the faith of your kids go deep.  This class is both for teachers of children as well as parents. Instill a deep faith in the spiritual life of your kids.

Worshipping With An Elephant

Gregory Brunot * Location: Music Suite * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

This class will be aimed toward leaders in a worship service, but ultimately anyone who is a worshipper! This class will be practical giving tips, tools and shared personal information on why Pastor Greg has his particular style of leadership. What does it mean to worship with an elephant? Let’s find out!

Building A Winning Team

Casey Casal * Location: F-110 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

One of the most important things to do as a leader is to build a team that wins, that will help strengthen your weaknesses, encourage you in your discouragement, help establish your vision and lead you to success.  This workshop will help you build a team, strengthen your team and use them in their gifting.

Living in the Tree of Life and the Life Giving Church

Jerry Comellas * Location: P-5 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Come learn about a righteousness that is birthed out of relationship and how to prepare yourself to be used by God to reach others in a more effective way. Learn how to address the issues that cause the systems of the church to deteriorate and how to promote the right attitudes that are characteristic of those who are Living in the Tree of Life.

Are You a Generational Gap Closer?

Judi Cotignola * Location: F-104 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Bridging generational gaps when ministering to women can seem like an impossible task. Between social media, cultural pressures,and relationship issues, the generations can seem more disconnected than ever before. But Apostle Paul had a solution, and presented it in Titus 2. Come discover an ancient solution to a modern problem, and learn strategies to connect with women of all ages.

Church Audio 101, Get the sound you want at a price you can afford

Mark Cotignola * Location: F-108 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

With today’s digital technology it doesn’t nearly take the investment it did to get the professional sound you always wanted. It also makes it much easier for you to remain in control even if your volunteers do not have the experience level they need. We will discuss the latest consoles and equipment that could help propel your church forward. There will be time for questions.

When Homosexuality Hits Home: What to Say when a loved one says “I’m Gay”

Joe Dallas * Location: F-122 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

When someone you love declares himself or herself to be gay, so many questions arise: How can I say I disaprove without sounding judgemental? Should I attend my son’s same-sex wedding? My daughter says she’s a lesbian Christian, is that possible? How can I begin a conversation about this without it turning into a brawl? This workshop will draw on Joe’s experience dealing with families of homosexual people, and will equip the attendees with tools and insights to put into place when homosexuality hits home.

Healthy Ministry

Ben Emmons * Location: P-22 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

God wants you to thrive in ministry.  During our time together we will discuss some of the most common mistakes leaders make and how to experience the abundant life Jesus taught on in John 10:10.  God did not call you into leadership to suffer, He called you into ministry to make an impact!  We will discuss how to set proper boundaries, schedule your time, prioritize your life, and address other topics that lead to better overall health in the ministry.


Help Lord, How Do I Reach a Multi-Cultural World?

Fred Felton III * Location: P-17 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

In John 3:16 “For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotten Son…” We understand that God loves the world and wants to save the world. When we look at this world God has called us to, it is made up of different kinds of people from all walks of life. One may wonder how does the church reach a world that is so complex and diverse. During our time together we will learn  1) What does it mean to be Multi-Cultural 2) Identify what the cultural doors are and how to unlock them and finally 3) Learn how to connect and share the gospel in a Multi-Cultural context.


Winning The Hearts Of Men!

John Hensel * Location: P-10 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Get your men out of the bleachers and into the game! The classic statement ‘All Men Are The Same’ could not be further from the truth! Every man is unique and so are the circumstances of his life! Any attempt to lead men in spiritual growth needs to take into account their spiritual growth, the current life challenges, the principal of transformation through relationships, and the unique setting of your ministry to men. This session will introduce a men’s discipleship system and resources that is readily available, free, adaptable to your specific ministry vision, and incorporates all the elements to lead men in effective life transforming discipleship!

Puppets and Clowns ? They both can bring a smile and laughter to a child and adults and make your ministry more exciting.

Steve Hinson * Location: Kidtricity * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

We will share with you on how you can use puppets in your ministry whether it be in Children’s Church, Sunday School, Wednesday night classes and outreaches. And Clowns, they have been getting a bad rap lately. Clowns can still bring a smile and laughter and get the message across to the young and old alike. If you have been thinking of starting a clown ministry or a puppet team ministry this class can get you started.

The 5 Levels of Anointing

Jamie Jones * Location: P-19 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

We often hear about the “anointing”, but do we really know what it is?  Did you know that there are actually 5 different scriptural levels within the anointing? This workshop will not only inspire you to do more, but will help give you the tools necessary to walk deeper in your specific calling. Everyone has a God-given purpose, and that purpose can do nothing other than succeed with God’s power working for us.

Maximizing Results When You Are Bi-Vocational

Raymond Keen * Location: P-21 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Being a pastor is difficult. Bi-vocational ministry at times feels impossible. In this session learn some practical tips for maximizing results when time is a rare commodity.

Imagine: Developing Your Prophetic Imagination

Matthew Larson * Location: P-23 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

What me a prophet? What if every person was speaking God’s creative word in their world? How can you hear from God? How can you change YOUR world by devoloping your prophetic imagination. This session is designed for normal people who are ready to go above and beyond into everything God has imagined for your world TODAY!

Pick Up Your Stones and Slay Your Giant!

Shari Padgett * Location: F-127 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

A preacher once told me jokingly (or not) that ministry wouldn’t be so hard if it weren’t for the people.  Of course, we all know that ministry is all about people, and many of those people have giant problems!  David was not intimidated by the giant that was coming against his people.  And we don’t have to be either!  Our people are faced with many giants such as anger, depression and addiction, just to name a few.  Come be encouraged and take away 5 stones of truth that will help you be a giant slayer!

Aging Gracefully. Are You Kidding Me?

Ken Pippin * Location: P-13 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

People are living longer than at any other period in history. The sad reality is that many who find themselves in the “Second Half” of their life no longer feel as if their life has the kind of value it held in the first half. Do not let the culture around you define your value by offering you discounted senior coffee, or allowing you to live in an age regulated community. Learn how to live in such a way that who you are and what you do define the value God has created for your destiny. What God has planned for you in the second half is not for the faint of heart!


Show Me The Money!!! (Solving Your Ministry Money Problems)

Deanna Shrodes * Location: P-20 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Are you tired of financial resources being a constant obstacle to reaching your ministry goals? Do you want to generate more streams of income for your church or ministry, get out of debt, or better manage what is coming in?  Would you like to learn about how a team approach can revolutionize your ability to handle financial challenges in leadership? Don’t miss this opportunity to go to the next level in stewarding the ministry God has given you.

Establishing a Legacy of Faith

Brent Simpson * Location: P-15 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

We all want to pass the baton of faith to the next generation, yet many of us struggle in this area. Using the example of Moses and Joshua this workshop will guide you through four practical steps to establishing a legacy of Godly heritage for your children and grandchildren.

Leaving a Legacy

Jamie Stewart * Location: P-9 * Friday & Saturday 10:15 AM

Life is short, yet demanding, with many distractions.  We will all leave a legacy of some sort, but we get one chance to leave a legacy that will last and make a difference to our family, church, community, and kingdom.  This practical workshop will lay the foundation of building something powerful and effective.


Keys to Build and Maintain an unstoppable volunteer team!

Bonnie Pait * Location: P-3 * Saturday Only 10:15 AM

Do you struggle to get volunteers in your ministry?  Do you find yourself constantly looking for help? Let’s look at some key strategies to building and maintaining a volunteer team that everyone will want to be a part of!

Pastors Who go Above and Beyond!

Terry Raburn * Location: F-116 * Saturday Only 10:15 AM

The Early Church had advanced due to persecution but Saul’s conversion had produced a time of peace for the church.  Could the Church go Above and Beyond in a time of peace? Yes. How?


Taking Your Churches’ Worship to a New Level- Theology of Worship for Pentecostal Worship Teams

Joe Jamerson * Location: Music Suite * Friday Only 11:15 AM

Attendees for the session “Taking Your Churches’ Worship to a New Level- Theology of Worship for Pentecostal Worship Teams” will gain a deeper insight into the theology of worship that, if adopted, will take their team to new levels of worship efficacy. This course is not about the construct of the band or how many singers your team needs or whether you sing hymns, CCM, Country Gospel or any combination thereof. Instead, it will challenge you to re-think not only “What” your team does, but addresses the “Why” of worship.

Mentoring Girl’s

Bonnie Pait * Location: P-3 * Friday 11:15 AM

Mentoring girls in today’s culture can be challenging!  Bring your questions and open hearts to ask and receive from the Pen-Florida Girls Ministries team!  We will discuss important elements to building relationships and seeing girls grow in Jesus!

Stirring The Ashes: “Breathing Life Into The Sunday School”

Wes Bartel * Location: P-1 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Many churches have experienced plateaued growth or even decline in their Sunday School ministry.  This study addresses the causes and articulates methods to help bring life back into this important ministry.  If Sunday School is important to you, this study is a Must!




Growing your Children’s Ministry

David Boyd * Location: F-103 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

What makes your ministry thrive and grow?  Why does one class grow and another doesn’t? What makes one church’s children’s church thrive and another plateau?  Learn simple skills that have great results! Grow your children’s ministry and grow your church.

Holy Spirit Empowered Missional Living

Rob Boyd * Location: P-21 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

In this break out session Rob will address the need for a Holy Spirit empowered missional lifestyle. As a business owner and pastor, he has had many out side of the box opportunities to share the love of God to a world so desperately in need. Rob will share practical ways that you can be salt and light to the life God has placed you in. Whether you are a pastor or a believer attending church this session will help you reach the world around you wherever you go.

The Encounter Initiative: Inspired To Love and Equipped To Engage

Jerry Comellas * Location: P-5 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

A Ministry of Every Home For Christ. – The Encounter Initiative is focused on seeing revival in America by serving the local church in praying for every home in their community and reaching every family with a culturally relevant Gospel message.

Church Lighting 101, It Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Mark Cotignola * Location: F-108 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

This workshop will focus on the very practical application of lighting for today’s ministries. We will talk about what types of equipment is available and what can be done with today’s LED lighting. You no longer must have a huge investment to get the look you want. There will be time for questions.

Sexual Sin and the Process of Healing

Renee Dallas * Location: F-122 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

When someone repents of sexual sin and begins the process of healing and recovery, what are the key signs that they are growing and changing? In this workshop, Renee will draw on 30 years of ministry experience to explore motivation, definition of “change”, requirements for healthy relationships and bonding, boundaries, and managing cycles of temptation. This material is especially geared to help attendees to better disciple and minister to people who have been involved in the use of porn, homosexuality, or other sexual behaviors.

Develop a Missions Giving Environment in Your Church

Kevin Deck * Location: P-10 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Pastor Deck will draw from  32 years of experience in both missions and pastoral ministry to help you develop strategies to inspire a missions-giving environment in your church. This workshop focuses on three areas: the faith promise, missions convention, and monthly missions Sunday. The combination of these three areas keeps the passion for the lost in front of your congregation and the challenge to a faith promise increases your church’s capacity to impact the world.

Holistic Health and Leadership

Ben Emmons * Location: P-22 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

According to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we don’t own them… God does!  During our time together we will talk about honoring God by taking proper care of our bodies.  Topics will include nutrition, recreation, rest, and spiritual fitness.



AJs Family Ministry Model

Mark Entzminger * Location: P-7 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Family ministry has become a hot topic in the church world in recent decades.  However, if we are not careful we will simply paint a program over the top of an existing ministry without addressing the foundation the structure is built upon.  Discover biblical foundations of how families can help pass faith to the next generation that are hidden in the text of Scripture.

How to Lead a Ministry and Not Lose Your Family

Beverly Evans * Location: F-104 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

God has called us to lead a Spirit-empowered ministry.  Maintaining stability in our ministries and our families while we serve is not easy. God desires our ministries and families to not just survive, but thrive. It is important to note that our marriages and families are prime targets for the enemy.  Demands on family and undefined expectations within the church and community can be overwhelming and cause Godly leaders to be on an emotional and spiritual roller coaster.  Join this session and be encouraged; you are not alone!  You will be given practical Biblical steps to nurture your home and family while you follow God’s divine plan for your life and ministry.

I Do See Color (What should the Church sound like and look like in these Racially charged times?)

Fred Felton III * Location: P-17 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 “…upon this Rock I will build my Church and the gates of hades (hell) shall not overpower it”. In this powerful and important session we will discuss and learn 1) How racism affects and infects each and everyone of us, 2) Learn the truth about racism, stereotypes and prejudices, 3) Why is the Church just as divided as our society, and 4) Discover how the Church, by the power of the Holy Spirit can model racial unity and harmony before the world we are called to reach. It will be a great time of learning from one another and listening to each other as we move together towards Unity.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Raymond Keen & John Dumas * Location: P-19 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Mattie Stepenak stated, “Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Our shared mandate is to lead our communities to Jesus. In this session Lead Pastors at Connect Church and Glad Tidings, Ray Keen and John Dumas share how they have utilized teamwork and collaboration to reach north Florida. This session gives practical suggestions for creating partnerships within the community to maximize effectiveness.

Conquering the Collision of Resource vs Vision

Troy McCoy * Location: P-20 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Most of his knowledge has been learned and earned through some painful times during his 20 years at Calvary. Often it is in the Season of Fire when we find out what we’re made of. Those seasons are when you cry the most, pray the most and study the most. Pastor Troy will present foundational principles and detailed steps of the “how to” resource your ministry. Most every Pastor has more vision than they do resources. In this session you will learn how to conquer the collision of Resource vs. Vision!

Engaging Students with God’s Word

Tim McDaniel * Location: F-110 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Teen Bible Quiz seeks to engage students in the transformative power of God’s Word through competition and fellowship with students from other churches in our district and across the nation. Not only are there spiritual and relational benefits, students can also earn scholarships for post-high school education. This workshop gives ample time for Q & A, to help you discover the ministry opportunities available.



Thou Shalt Connect with Thy Community!

Chuck Padgett * Location: F-127 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

This workshop will cover information and ideas that have been tried and proven!  Your church has an opportunity to serve the community which helps to grow and bless the church, and reach the lost.  No prior experience or educational degrees are required to gain favor with community businesses.  The only thing required is a passion for people and to make yourself available!  You will see God open the doors then “thou shalt walk through them!”

Will You Leave A Legacy or Just Leave a Space?

Ken Pippin * Location: P-13 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Are the choices you are making concerning your job, finances, health, family, relationships, and spiritual life designed to leave a legacy that will powerfully affect the next generation, or will your dying just leave a space that was once occupied by you? Learn how to make the kind of choices and decisions that will insure your life will leave a powerful legacy that God can utilize to challenge, empower, equip, and encourage the next generation.

Breaking the 200 Barrier

Greg Rakes * Location: P-23 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

90% of churches in America are below 200 and many have been unable to break through the plateau and see growth. We will share the core issues that can energize the church and its leadership. The key areas include    A. Vision,  B. Dynamic Preaching,  C. Relevant ministries,   D. Regaining Momentum,   E. Empowering Leaders, F. How to recruit, train, and keep volunteers, and G. Making changes without making enemies.

5 Steps to Unstoppable Leadership

Deanna Shrodes * Location: F-116 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

Are you ready to go above and beyond in your leadership effectiveness? Do you want to see God do something new in you that will result in exceeding all expectations in the next year of your life and leadership? This workshop is for people who are done playing around and are ready to go ALL IN.

Grow Again! Five Steps to Revitalizing Any Church or Ministry

Brent Simpson * Location: P-15 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

The good news is that God wants your church or ministry to grow and flourish. The bad news is that only a small portion of churches are currently growing. This creates the tension you feel as a leader. In this workshop, Pastor Brent will encourage you with five practical and transferable steps he took to revitalize his church that has led to consistent and sustained healthy growth.

Relationship is Everything: Achieving Unity in the Midst of Diversity

Jamie Stewart * Location: P-9 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

The effects of globalization can be felt in so many areas of society, and the church is no exception.  Is it possible to achieve health in a multicultural church? This workshop will provide proven leadership dynamics and community practices, as well as reveal some potential challenges that may arise, in building a multicultural church that will have global influence.

How will Royal Rangers Help My church?

Freddy Vasquez * Location: P-11 * Friday & Saturday 11:15 AM

To discuss and review the benefits of Royal Rangers in our churches. The ministry is not a babysitting option, it is a way to prepare the next generation of Christ like men that will want to serve in our churches because they love God and not because someone is making them. Rangers grow up to be better fathers, leaders, servants and followers of Christ. In Rangers we prepare young men for life as a Christian. Not ashamed  of the gospel. they will lead others to Christ thus the kingdom will grow (that means our church grows too.)



Visual Branding

Ben King * Location: F-107 * Saturday Only 11:15 AM

Your Ministry is unique, so how do people recognize it? This workshop isn’t just for graphic designers and artists. Leaders of all kinds can learn more about how the visual branding of your ministry can increase the effectiveness of communicating who you are and who you are trying to reach.


Helping Tweens and Teens Push the Limits to Live Above & Beyond lives for Christ

Lissette Telemaco * Location: P-3 * Saturday Only 11:15 AM

Tweens and teens these days are always looking for ways to push the envelope, toe the line, test the boundaries and see just how far they can go.  What if we encourage them to use that boldness to see just how far they can go for the cause of Christ? What if they could see that in Christ they can step out of the box, take steps of faith to push the limits and break out of the boundaries of this world? What if we equipped and empowered them to go Above & Beyond for Jesus? Just …what if?


“Front Row Leadership”

Rob Ketterling * Location: Chapel * Friday Only 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM



Ministering to Bus Students

Jaclyn Dingwerth * Location: P-3 * Friday Only 1:30 PM

Looking to start a bus ministry? Well this workshop is just for you! We will be covering how to start a bus ministry, what to expect from bus children, how to discipline bus children with encouragement, how to deal with parents of bus children, and how to get the bus children involved. We will have a question/answer session to meet your needs. You will not want to miss this encouraging workshop.

Building Strong Teams

Dan Meys * Location: F-110 * Friday Only 1:30 PM

Youth ministry and outreach are a HUGE part of the church! Building effective teams through communication, attention to details, discipleship and accountability make it happen!

Team Teaching With The Holy Spirit

Wes Bartel * Location: P-1 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

In this workshop, we will look at the cooperative interaction between the Holy Spirit, the teacher, and the student.  We will seek to identify the role each will play in the learning process and will address the importance of spiritual preparation as well as intellectual preparation. This class will assist the teacher who desires to move toward “Life Change” education.

Difference Makers

Mary Boyd * Location: F-103 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

You can make a difference in the lives of your kids by what you teach and how you teach. You are more than a teacher. You are also a coach, mentor, and friend. Kids need to be challenged to live for God the rest of their lives. Be a difference maker!

Senior Ministry Trends and Strategies

Randy Brock * Location: P-13 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Our culture in regard to seniors ministry is changing as Baby Boomers begin to emerge and affect this demographic. In this seminar we will discuss current trends and will identify strategies that will foster an intergenerational approach to Adult Ministry. We will look at three distinct segments, 1) Emerging Seniors 55-69, 2) Senior Adults 70-84, and 3) The Elderly 85+, and we will find ways to build bridges, engage them in ministry, demonstrate value, meet needs, and evangelize.

Why are Global Sustainability Issues and Initiatives Important for the Church Today

Jerry Comellas * Location: P-5 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

The world population is exploding as is the demand for water, food, and energy.  More people than ever are living in water scarce locations and more than 650 million people have limited access to clean drinking water. Crisis of food security are just as dire with the number of undernourished people reaching 795 million. Competition and demand for energy needs around the world and the excessive burning of fossil fuels awakens us to the fragility of the environment and our non-renewable natural resources. What does this mean for today’s Church and our mission projects in the developing world? How can our efforts at mitigating these problems provide an open door to the Gospel in some of the most challenging places in the world?

Church Media 101, Broadcast to your screen or to the world with the push of one button.

Mark Cotignola * Location: F-108 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

We will look at the latest and greatest and the cheapest and the most reliable ways to get your media to the screen or to the world. There has been a digital revolution and you can take advantage of it for a lot less than you think. There will be time for questions.

Disciples Making Disciples – The Essentials

William  “Bill” Dodge * Location: P-10 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Imagine your church known for it’s culture of discipleship.  This workshop is intended to teach those who call themselves disciples how to disciple others to become self-initiating, reproducing, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. When the unchanging truth of God’s Word is at the heart of self-revealing, intimate, transparent relationships rooted in mutual accountability, we have all the ingredients for Spirit-motivated transformation.  Add this to imparting a vision for those you disciple to pass on their faith from one generation to the next and we have the components of fully equipped followers of the Lord Jesus Christ – disciples making disciples.  This workshop is a departure from one-one-one or large class disciple making and promotes smaller life-on-life groups known as triads or quads.  Come learn the details about this practical method Jesus showed us to make disciples.  Our role, our Great Commission, is to grow mature disciples who make disciples.  “Come and see!”

Unpacking the Big God Story

Mark Entzminger * Location: P-7 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

The Bible is more than a book.  It’s the very words of God written for you and I.  How we understand and teach the Scripture can make a significant difference in how faith is formed in children.  This session will provide tips and ideas for teaching the Big God Story as well as foundational principles for these truths in a new way.

Bringing your vision into reality, starting a non-profit ministry

Carolyn Espina * Location: P-19 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Has God called you to start a non-profit ministry but you’re not sure where to start? Learn practical tips to help you take the vision that God has given you and turn it into a thriving non-profit organization.  This workshop will cover topics such as: writing a business plan, creating a board of directors, locating funding, finding/keeping volunteers and other advice that Carolyn Espina learned while creating her own non-profit ministry the New Life Center for Family Preservation.

Something Went Wrong Here: 3 Faces of Toxic Mentoring

Michelle Faughnan * Location: P-23 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Finding someone to mentor in ministry is something that every leader should do, as the mentoring relationship is instrumental in the development of future leaders.  When we first begin ministry, we are introduced to this very important principle: Find someone who has the potential to be a good, strong leader and invest in them.  Mentoring can be enormously rewarding for both the mentor and the mentored, but not all mentoring relationships end “happily ever after.”  This session will identify Three Faces of Toxic Mentoring Relationships, and offer key foundational elements that assist the building of healthy mentoring relationships.


“Taking your storytelling Above and Beyond”

Robb Hawks * Location: P-17 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Whether in the pulpit, the Sunday School Class, or in children’s ministry, effective storytelling is mission critical.  This class will reveal the structure and principles that are used by Hollywood writers in the creation of their blockbuster stories.  These simple principles will dramatically improve everyone’s storytelling.

5 Keys to Experience More Supernatural Power

Patricia Holland * Location: P-22 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Jesus wasn’t content to leave people like He found them. He healed, transformed and set them free! Believers are commissioned to do more than just say things about God! We are commissioned to do the works of Jesus. The supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit did not end with the last period in Acts 28:31. But how do we access supernatural power? You will never have what you don’t pursue. It’s time to do more and talk less!

Junior Bible Quiz coaching techniques/ How to have a practice.

Mark & Christie LoGiudice * Location: P-15 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

This session will help your coach/coordinator learn some basic coaching skills that will help them get to the next level of competition,and explain the basics of how to practice & motivate kids to learn God’s word for a lifetime!

Fun Arts – Making it Happen for your Church

William Manzano * Location: Kidtricity * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

In this session, we will discuss ways your church can prepare to successfully participate in our district Fun Arts Festival. If your church doesn’t attend Fun Arts they are missing out on one of the best discipleship tools our district has to offer. Fun Arts Festival will empower, equip and deploy your children with actual ministry gifts to impact the world for Jesus!


David W Martin * Location: F-127 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

One is too small a number to produce greatness.  You must learn to communicate in order to have maximum results.  This workshop will tell you how.  You will learn how to overcome some barriers to great communication. Knowing that everyone is not a team player, you will learn how to deal with that individual to achieve positive results.  We will point out the chasm between cooperation and collaboration.  Other topics included are:  passion, ministry gifts, perception, attitude, and focus.  You will learn how to help people discover their place in ministry.  The workshop concludes by using an acrostic of TEAMWORK to describe the value there is to teamwork.  Yes, teamwork does make the dream work.


How Can Royal Rangers Become More Successful in Your Church

Douglas Moon * Location: P-11 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Discuss with members of the Pen. Florida District Royal Ranger Staff ways to help make our Ministry more successful in your church. We will provide some of our thoughts on how to make your local Outpost more successful and take questions from you about issues you are having in your Outpost.  This class will be partially done in a question and answer format. Please feel free to bring questions you may have.

The Power of Taking Initiative in Humility

Caryl Patterson * Location: F-122 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

One of the most powerful examples that Jesus gave us, was the example of His life, which was a life of humility.  No other individual has ever impacted history as did our Savior. And no other individual has ever been so humble. In this workshop, we will drill down on ways to achieve more in our ministries as well as our lives, by modeling ourselves after the greatest “Game Changer” ever. The most effective ministry often starts with the most humble of effort.

Why Social Media is God’s Gift to the Church

Jamey Paugh * Location: F-107 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

If mailers, flyers and your church website are still your primary form of advertising, you are missing the largest demographic in your city. This workshop is designed to help you understand social networking and get started building a social presence. We will discuss tips, tricks, and strategies to help your church explode onto the social media scene.

Six Keys and Six Strategies for Worship Renewal

Stephen Phifer * Location: Music Suite * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

Topic to teach: “Six Keys and Six Strategies for Worship Renewal”

Key #1 The One Who Makes Us One: Center Worship on the Lord Jesus, Key #2 Called to be with Him: Build a Base of Private Worship, Key #3 Worship with Passion and Reason: Teach Biblical Principles of Worship, Key #4 The Power of Agreement: Standardize the Goals of Public Worship, Key #5 A Whole Worshiping Family: Be Inclusive of All Cultures, and Key #6 The Truth the Spirit Wants: Find the Mind of God for Each Service. Strategies: Strategy Number One – Keep Jesus at the Center of the Worship, Strategy Number Two – Build Public Worship on Private Worship, Strategy Number Three- Teach Biblical Principles of Worship, Strategy Number Four – Teach a United Vision for Worship, Strategy Number Five – Be Inclusive—Don’t Leave Anyone Out!, and Strategy Number Six – Find and Follow the Mind of God Every Week.

Countdown to Credentials! The Challenge…the Construction….the Connection!

Susan Pippin * Location: P-21 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

If you have ever considered studying for your credentials, then don’t waste another moment. We will discuss the challenges, the how-to’s step by step and connection points that can access doors that only God can open. In a world that is constantly asking questions, ask yourself…”can I give intelligent answers…am I on the cutting edge… can I stay ‘cool’ in ‘intense’ situations?” If you are considering….remember…anything of value costs time and energy!

Divine Healing for Me and My Church

Kevin Slack * Location: P-20 * Friday & Saturday 1:30 PM

If you have a need for a healing miracle, you will want to attend. If you would like God to heal more people in your church, you will want to attend. As a minister of the Gospel, I had always believed in healing. I had ministered in healing with some success, but it wasn’t until God healed me of a fatal heart condition that I learned: How can I guarantee God will heal me?, How can I position my congregation to experience healing miracles in their lives consistently?, and Why is the ministry of Divine Healing so important today?


The Pastor’s Wife: Approachability vs. Availability

Joy Conley * Location: F-104 * Saturday Only 1:30 PM

As leaders in ministry, we need to be approachable to the people that have been entrusted in our circle of influence.  However, approachability is not the same as availability.  As a young pastor’s wife many years ago, I did not understand the difference and felt that I needed to be available to anyone and everyone at any time for any reason.  In this workshop, we will discuss the challenges and offer practical solutions to ensure that we remain approachable even though our availability may be limited.

Mentoring Girl’s

Bonnie Pait * Location: P-3 * Saturday 1:30 PM

Mentoring girls in today’s culture can be challenging!  Bring your questions and open hearts to ask and receive from the Pen-Florida Girls Ministries team!  We will discuss important elements to building relationships and seeing girls grow in Jesus!


Building to Send

Cody Scott * Location: F-110 * Friday Only 2:30 PM

This workshop is to help you as Youth Pastors and leaders with the process of building up students and sending them out to do ministry. If we as the church do not bring up the future leaders of the church , then the church will suffer. We will look at serval ways on  how we can do this and what will happen to our ministries and the kingdom when we do this.

Making Every Event a Sucess – Does Size Matter?

Ana Soto-Fowler * Location: P-3 * Friday Only 2:30 PM

Planning an Event can turn even the most capable person into a ball of nerves. Nothing is more important than ensuring your program/event is a wonderful success. Helpful tips can make the process go more smoothly and successfully.


When The Sky Falls

Gillian Bailey * Location: F-107 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

When people encounter hurt or grief, many will turn to the church first.   Many churches are ill -equipped to sustain a long-term solution.  Through co-operative fellowship, churches can come together to provide a comprehensive ministry that will offer support, love, and companionship during their time of suffering.

Compassionate Kids

Mary Boyd * Location: F-103 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

Kids can know the heart of God, and they can develop a heart of compassion for the lost and those less fortunate. This class will focus on the steps to challenging kids to do great things for God and make a difference in this world.

Effecting the Destiny of Children through Outcomes-Based Ministry

Heather Chowning * Location: Kidtricity * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

Outcomes-Based Ministry training helps give children’s pastors and volunteers the tools needed to help pursue fruitfulness in their churches, communities and beyond. Practically, OBM helps to enable children’s ministries to better understand their God-given mission and vision, better understand their community, better design programs to accomplish change, better assess if change is happening and know how to redesign for greater effectiveness. In this OBM workshop, we’re not offering a process that will guarantee anything, but rather a paradigm (with practical tools) by which we might journey towards greater fruitfulness. With lots of failure and growth along the way. We believe the pursuit of fruitfulness is possible.

3Ms of Kidmin

Mark Entzminger * Location: P-7 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

The ministry cycle comes at us at rapid speed. Sometimes we can get so focused on prepping for the weekly ministry that we forget to check some of the basic most fundamental components of discipleship. In 3Ms of Kidmin, Mark helps the audience regain focus in a way that can be shared with others. This practical down-to-earth session includes a self-assessment tool that helps leaders understand how to strengthen the discipleship outcomes in their ministry.

Developing a special needs plan and program for your church.

Matthew Espina * Location: P-19 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

With over 52 million people with special needs in the United States alone there is a tremendous opportunity for the church to reach out to this often overlooked people group. Many are hungry and seeking to be part of something and that something needs to be the body of Christ. The session will help prepare you in the event that a person with disabilities should visit your church and how to set up an ongoing program to minister to those with disabilities. This session will include ideas on classroom setup, teaching techniques, tools and resources, and special needs etiquette. It will equip you to be well on your way to begin ministering to those with special needs in your church.

But, I Can’t Teach!

John & Michelle Faughnan * Location: P-23 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

Whether you’re an experienced teacher or a novice, there comes a time when you feel that you’re just not equipped enough. Maybe your group has lost the energy that it once had, or perhaps you’re struggling to get the message across. You’ve come to the point where your confidence is at an all time low, even questioning if you’re cut out to teach at all.  This class is for you. You can teach! During this brief session, we will cover all you need to know to be an effective, energetic, and yes, an interesting teacher. In this class we will discuss – material selection, engaging the heart, how to ask the right questions, and how to address the energy zappers in the room.

Pulling Down Strong-Holds

Patricia Holland * Location: P-22 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

Shame, rejection, fear, anger and addictions can hinder believers from walking in the freedom God intended. Ignoring strongholds and hoping they will go away doesn’t work! Jesus still breaks every chain! Jesus brings peace. Pat will challenge you with her stories and  practical insight to help people walk free and stay free.


Follow the Leader: Learn to Follow Before You Fall

Michael Lane * Location: P-17 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

What happens when God has called you to be a leader, but not yet? What if God hasn’t called you to lead at all? Your spiritual fulfillment isn’t tied to a title. Learn how to not only fulfill your spiritual role, but also thrive and excel as a follower and find fulfillment in God’s calling to serve well! The greatest leaders can only go as high as their followers are willing to climb.

Be Filled!  It Is For Today!

Nancy Lee * Location: P-1 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

The purpose of this workshop is helping attendees understand their walk with the Holy Spirit, realizing that the experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit with speaking in other tongues is for each of us. It is not a one-time event but a daily walk with Jesus and the Father.  Attendees will be given the opportunity to go forward in their Christian walk with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands, whereby each WILL give evidence by speaking in other tongues.  Praying always with all prayer and supplication IN THE SPIRIT (Eph 6:18).

Starting Bible Quiz at your Church

Mark & Christie LoGiudice * Location: P-15 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

How to start a junior Bible quiz team at your church. This will cover all the basics, from recruiting help to attending your first meet.


The Key to Success – Delegation

David W Martin * Location: F-127 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

You will learn how to create a climate for delegation.  An emphasis is placed on Principles of Delegation.  There will be a clear and concise definition of what delegation really is.  Several biblical illustrations will be given.  Why do leaders fail to delegate? and  Why delegation fails? are answered.  You will also learn how you know when you should be delegating.  Delegation is the most powerful tool that a leader has, and  it will increase your productivity.  This workshop can propel your life to a new level.





Why Gender Specific Ministry is Important in Today’s Church

Douglas Moon * Location: P-11 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

To discuss and explain why gender specific ministries, like Royal Rangers and Girl’s Ministries, are important in today’s church. How we can help the children in our churches become the Godly men and women that God intends them to be.

Providing  a Safe Place for Leaders to Land

Pamela C Newman * Location: F-104 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

As a Leader, a Pastor’s wife and a Minister; there are many struggles that we encounter in ministry and life that others might not. Because of our position and  sometimes because of the trust factor; we often isolate ourselves from others. Yet God wants us to encourage each another, build up each other, pray for each other and be that friend. God wants us to not only find a safe place, but to be that safe place. In this class I will provide some simple tools, along with personal experiences and examples, that will help us be a place where women will feel safe to come, feel safe to share and be encouraged when they leave. “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” 1 Thess. 5:11

The Big Blue Elephant In The Room

Edward Paine * Location: P-10 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

There are millions of men along with spouses suffering in silence in their struggle with sexual addiction, intimacy disorders, betrayal and shame. The Conquer Series is a road-map to hope for those in our churches and our communities. Never before have we understood the science behind how God has designed man’s brain. The war is in the brain. Volunteers are needed; pastors, leaders and everyone who has a desire to point people in the right direction to walk in victory and purity. We need to know God’s battle plan and our weapons of war. This ministry boasts of a 90% success rate.

Which Ring Will you Fight in…. the Ring of Acceptance or Resistance?

Susan Pippin * Location: P-21 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

Throughout our lifetime, we will face many transitions… name a few…. family, health, jobs, friends, ministry and location. Will we accept these transitions in our life or resist them? Will we look to God for wisdom as we transition or will we fight and refuse change? Change is inevitable and change is healthy. How we make our exit from one place will affect our entrance into the next and our ability to help others through their own transitions in life.


Reaching the University/College/Community Colleges near you

Mario Solari * Location: P-20 * Friday & Saturday 2:30 PM

Mario will help churches to strategize a plan and train persons  to reach the “forgotten” generation (the secular campus).


Using Science to Teach the Word

Dee Collier * Location: P-3 * Saturday 2:30 PM

That crazy, mad scientist, “Dr. Dee”, is back with more ways that science experiments can illustrate God’s word.  Children (and adults) like to watch surprises unfold before their very eyes.  Bring your curiosity to this workshop and be amazed at how everyday objects can become science experiments that in turn help us all learn more about important themes in the Bible!


Servant Leadership

Jamie Stewart * Location: P-9 * Saturday 2:30 PM

It has been said “if you’re too big to serve then you are too small to lead.” This workshop will examine the life a true biblical leader with a focus on leadership lessons gained through both his successes and failures.


Building Student Evangelists Through Missional Leadership: Youth Alive

Natalie Barnoske * Location: F-110 * Friday Only 3:30 PM

Discipleship drives evangelism, but how do we strategically disciple students to become faithful evangelists that are empowered by God’s Spirit? This session will combine practical methods with spiritual principles that will motivate all Christians to become stronger evangelists in their realm of influence. This will result in a crucial balance between outreach and discipleship in your evangelism efforts. Come hear about missional strategies and be inspired to love your city!

Missions Beyond Money

Randy and Renee Carlson * Location: F-122 * Friday Only 3:30 PM

The purpose of this workshop is to improve the relationship with the missionary and the supporting  local church in the US. Understanding how vital prayer and intercession can be and also looking at the missionary’s family with the challenges of raising kids to be adaptable to not only the foreign culture but also the very important re-entry to the United States.  The local churches can have an enormous impact in these very vital areas.  Randy and Renee will share their experiences dealing with these issues.

Using Science to Teach the Word

Dee Collier * Location: P-3 * Friday 3:30 PM

That crazy, mad scientist, “Dr. Dee”, is back with more ways that science experiments can illustrate God’s word.  Children (and adults) like to watch surprises unfold before their very eyes.  Bring your curiosity to this workshop and be amazed at how everyday objects can become science experiments that in turn help us all learn more about important themes in the Bible!

Reaching Our City’s Kids – R.O.C.K. – Sidewalk Sunday School

Darrell Davis * Location: Kidtricity * Friday Only 3:30 PM

Reaching Our City’s Kids – R.O.C.K. R.O.C.K. is an outreach ministry that takes God’s love to the streets of Lakeland reaching over 100 kids, plus their families, each week.   Our goal is to take “church” to kids and teens that do not attend traditional church services so they can hear the life changing power of God’s word. The R.O.C.K. team meets in city parks on Saturday  mornings to conduct exciting services that introduce kids and teens to the good news message of Jesus and provides ongoing discipleship.

Disciples Strategies to Ignite Your Team and Astound your Town

David Hughart * Location: P-22 * Friday Only 3:30 PM

Why Include High-Impact Missional Discipleship In Your Ministry’s Strategy: 1. Discover the secrets that turned first century disciples into contagions that infected and changed their world, 2. Strategically turn discipleship from an optional side class for newbies to front-and-center of your entire ministry, 3. Design your ministry’s vision, mission, and values for missional impact that matters to your community, 4. Re-visioning the Sunday morning worship experience to the Monday morning missional explosion, 5. Planning for strategic maximum community penetration, 6. Transforming the sinner’s call to repentance to a missional call to action, and 7. Issuing the 90-Day Challenge.

Servant Leadership

Jamie Stewart * Location: P-9 * Friday 3:30 PM

It has been said “if you’re too big to serve then you are too small to lead.” This workshop will examine the life a true biblical leader with a focus on leadership lessons gained through both his successes and failures.


How To Lead People Into The Power Of Holy Spirit Baptism

Scott Young * Location: F-116 * Friday Only 3:30 PM

Leading people into the power of the Holy Spirit is a key to success in your life and the life of your team.  This workshop will deal with: Answering Tough Questions, What If Someone Doesn’t Speak In Tongues?, and The Holy Spirit Overcoming Leadership Stress.This is the perfect seminar to help you and your team, move into deeper spiritual dynamics.


Homosexuality: Making a Biblical Case During Pro-Gay Times

Joe & Renee Dallas * Location: Chapel * Saturday Only 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

In this 90 minute workshop, Joe and Renee Dallas will offer specific ways to articulate the Biblical position on homosexuality to people who hold pro-gay viewpoints.  Drawing on Joe and Renee’s 30 years of experience ministering to people wanting to overcome homosexuality, this workshop will explain the current context and controversies surrounding the subject, then explore the five common arguments we are likely to hear, and how to respond to them. Emphasis will be placed on specific, practical, and easy to understand answers to the most common pro-gay arguments. Time will also be allowed for Q & A.

NOTES:        P = Portable        F = Family Life Center