Samuel Rodriguez

He was the first Latino to ever deliver the keynote address at The Martin Luther King, Jr. 40th Anniversary Commemorative Service. Rodriguez has also delivered keynote speeches at The Ethics and Public Policy Center’s 2013 National Religious Freedom Conference, The White House, Princeton, Yale, Promise Keepers, The National Association of Evangelicals and Liberty University.

He has advised President George W. Bush, President Obama, and President Trump.

Rodriguez is regularly featured, profiled and quoted by numerous media outlets, including The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, NBC Telemundo, ABC, Christianity Today, Univision, New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, Charisma, and many others. An award-winning author, Rodriguez contributes to world-renowned publications such as The Washington Post, Time Books, Univision, Fox, The Huffington Post, Outreach Magazine, Ministry Today, Enrichment Journal, Vida Cristiana, Christianity Today, Yale “Reflections” and others.

He is a bestselling author of Be Light: Shining God’s Beauty, Truth, and Hope in a Darkened WorldThe Lamb’s Agenda, and Path of Miracles. His most recent books include “When Faith Catches Fire: Embracing the Spiritual Passion of the Latino Reformation”, coauthored with Dr. Robert Crosby and “Shake Free”. Rodriguez is a movie producer, serving as executive producer of two films, Flamin’ Hot, and Breakthrough The Impossible. He co-Founder and lead Pastor of TBN Salsa, an international Christian-based broadcast television network.

On Friday, January 20, 2017, Reverend Samuel Rodriguez became the first Latino Evangelical, and first Assemblies of God minister, to participate in a Presidential swearing-in ceremony.

Rodriguez earned his Master’s degree in educational leadership from Lehigh University and likewise received Honorary Doctorates from Baptist University of the Americas and Northwest University. He is an Assemblies of God Ordained Minister and serves as Senior Pastor of New Season Church in Sacramento, California. He resides in Northern California with his wife, Eva, and their three children.